What is ENSPORT?

ENSPORT is one of the leading sportslabs in Hungary. With our holistic approach, we offer individualised, unique and comprehensive services, such as sports diagnostics, training plans, mobility and rehabilitation training (preventive and post-injury), biomechanical analysis, nutritional and dietary advice. Sports performance is no longer a mystery. It is measurable and can be precisely designed to meet individual needs.

Holistic approach: #ENSPORTSYSTEM

Sport is our passion and conscious performance is our mission since 2014. We believe that the key to success is a holistic approach, where all individual needs are identified and addressed. We provide comprehensive services to enhance your performance, regardless of your fitness level.

It’s all about you

We focus on your goals. First 5k, ultramarathon or ironman? Our mission is to support you all the way to the finish line. We have created our unique and holistic #ENSPORTSYSTEM, to provide a solution for every area, such as sports diagnostics, training plans, mobility training, biomechanics, motion analysis and nutritional and dietary advice.


Training plans

(swimming, cycling, running, triathlon)

UNIQUE on the market: a detailed video analysis of your training! Your coach will analyze each and every session in a short, yet detailed and informative video. The training plan is fitted to your goals and your lifestyle. Working along a well structured, personalised training plan enhances both performance and time-efficiency. Working with a coach will keep you on the right track to reach your goal, will keep you motivated and inspired. No copy paste, exclusivity guaranteed!

Performance diagnostics

lactate test for runners, cyclists and triathletes

The aim of performance diagnostics is to assess and measure the actual fitness level. The data will stand as a compass for your improvement. We recommend it for everybody who is willing to train more consciously and wishes to have a clear picture of his or her current fitness level and to get some guidance on how to improve.

What is lactate? Lactate is a by-product measured by sport scientists or coaches to evaluate workouts and profile athletes during fitness testing. Lactate is not the cause of fatigue, but does correlate with the decay of work, thus making it a biomarker for performance.

Other services

Mobility training, biomechanical and gait analysis, rehabilitation training (preventive and post-injury) and bikefit, all conducted by our expert physiotherapist. Sports nutrition and meal planning, provided by our certified dietician.


Services Price Price for ENSPORT athletes
Performance diagnostics (run/bike) 29.900 Ft/90 EUR 17.900 Ft/50 EUR
Performance diagnostics (triathlon) 45.900 Ft/135 EUR 29.900 Ft/90 EUR
Training plan 17.000-30.000 Ft/50-90 EUR
Gait analysis 27.900 Ft/80 EUR 22.900 Ft/65 EUR
MEDI IGLI insoles 29.900 Ft/90 EUR 29.900 Ft/90 EUR
Biomechanical analysis 15.000 Ft/45 EUR 12.000 Ft/35 EUR
Rehabilitation training 6.000 Ft/17 EUR 6.000 Ft/17 EUR
Personal training 6.000 Ft/17 EUR 6.000 Ft/17 EUR
Yoga 2.000 Ft/6 EUR 2.000 Ft/6 EUR
BIKEFIT 21.900 Ft/65 EUR 17.900 Ft/50 EUR
Meal planning/month 30.000 Ft/90 EUR 25.000 Ft/73 EUR
Consultation: sports nutrition 15.000 Ft/44 EUR 12.000 Ft/35 EUR

Interested? If you wish to book an appointment or have any questions, please contact us via email, phone or the form below.

Address: 1162 Budapest, Csömöri út 213.

Phone: (+36) 70/905-55-07

E-mail: info@ensport.hu